Stay in an AirBnB

As Norway is quite pricey in general, one needs to use every opportunity there is to save money. Staying with a local is one of them and we found some excellent deals on AirBnB for our stay.

Buy your groceries and cook

You can expect €20-30 for a main dish in a restaurant or around €10 for street food. So if your accommodation has a kitchen you can use – go for it. You might end up saving some.


This is a budget supermarket chain. Look for their own-brand products with the "First Price" label a well as special discounts close to the closing time for groceries that have to be sold on the same day. Bear in mind that you might not find everything you need this way, though, like bread. A bucket of potato salad saved the day for us one evening. 😀

Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic drinks - even beer and wine - are ridiculously expensive. Most of them can't be bought in regular grocery stores either. Our advice - just stay away from alcohol while in Norway and drink water instead.

DIY Norway in a Nutshell tour

This is a great tour but also a quite expensive one. However, you can save some if you decide to do the planning by yourself. Just don't miss the train back to Oslo as we did!

Buy train tickets well in advance

To give you a concrete example, the train tickets from Voss to Oslo that we bought in advance cost us 300 and 400 NOK per person. The ones we had to buy at the station (because we unfortunately missed our train) cost us 700 NOK per person.


Explore Oslo

Either on foot or using the efficient public transportation network, take some time to get to know the Norwegian capital. I wouldn’t miss the Frogner Park and the Akershus Fortress. You might also stumble upon a fierce lion as you walk around the train station.

Photoshooting on Oslo's Opera

Yes, it’s possible to climb on the roof of the Opera. Go there at sunset to get some fancy photos.

Find out more about Vikings

A visit to the Viking Ship Museum is an excellent choice if you fancy launching yourself back in time and come face to face with genuine Viking ships and other treasures.

Cruise through some fjords

It’s difficult to imagine a visit to Norway that doesn’t involve a fjord or two. Head to the west coast in order to enjoy a hike or a boat ride between steep cliffs.

Norway in a Nutshell tour

The name says it all. You’ll experience bits and pieces of this majestic country – all packed in a few days. You can hop on the train in Oslo or Bergen and enjoy all kinds of marvels along the way.

Cod and Salmon in Flåm

How about lunch with a view on a beautiful fjord? We had some extra time in Flåm before catching a boat to the next stop on the route so we nibbled on some salmon and cod not far from the port and definitely recommend it. Don’t forget you’re paying for the view as well, though!

Camp in Gudvangen's cute huts

Definitely stay in Gudvangen for a night. There is a charming camp dotted with red huts scattered at the foot of rugged mountainous scenery.

Eat berries along the path of a fjord

Use the morning in Gudvangen to explore the town and the fjord on foot. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to stumble upon sweet berries on your way.