Hire a bike

Soak up the scenery on two wheels. We chose this option for the Gap of Dunloe. We tweaked the route a bit and saved both on money and time.

Stay in a hostel

Accommodation can be quite expensive in Ireland. We opted for hostels which proved to be the most budget-friendly option at the time we were there.

Buy your groceries and cook

Some of the hostels have a kitchen that travellers can use. I regret not exploiting this opportunity more often during our stay because groceries in Ireland are very affordable. You can buy oven-ready meals in a supermarket and finish them in your hostel.

Use Groupon

We found some great deals on the Irish Groupon page. Using their coupons we saved 50% on our Kinnity castle stay and had a tasty lunch in Dublin.


If you are willing to sacrifice a bit more time in order to save money or if you cannot rely on public transport, maybe you should try hitchhiking. Ireland is an excellent place if it's your first time - after a day of driving around with locals, we got a deeper perspective on the country and its people.

Take a free walking tour of Dublin

We like to do these kinds of tours on the first or second day of our stay to get a basic idea of what the place has to offer and to find our way around more easily.

See the cliffs - on Howth

You don't have to travel all the way to the west coast if you are staying in Dublin and want to see some cliffs. Feast your eyes by taking a short train ride to Howth peninsula and hike around it.


Explore nature

One of the first things that come to my mind when I think about Ireland is its breathtaking scenery. We planned our stay around visits to several beautiful places: Gap of Dunloe, Killarney NP, Dingle Peninsula and Howth.

Spend a night in a castle

A week in a country dotted with castles cannot be imagined without seeing a few of them. How about staying in one of them for a night? We definitely recommend it!

Indulge in the food

Don't leave Ireland without ordering at least one portion of fish and chips and one of the beef steak. Fresh cod and high-quality beef result in yummy dishes.

Visit cute small towns

Catch the vibe of colourful little towns scattered around the island. Dingle, Killarney, Birr and Howth are all worth checking out.

Taste Jameson

Generally speaking, whiskey is not our thing. But we did like Jameson! For an informative guided tasting experience head to the old Jameson Distillery. You will leave cheerful, I guarantee.

Get lost in the streets of Dublin

Explore Dublin in and out and discover its secrets - be it about the famous buildings or monuments, a tour around Dublin will be both funny and educational.

Drink beer while listening to live Irish music

Follow the tunes of fiddles into a pub full of smiling faces, cheerful music and positive atmosphere. In Dublin, we chanced upon The Celt and had a great time there.

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