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Welcome to the world of our BUDGET INDULGENT travel philosophy where, even though we make some compromises to make our trips as budget-friendly as possible, we still refuse to give up on those experiences that make a place pop out.

Our idea is not to travel for the sake of travel, just to put another pin on the map of the World on our wall but to find that special thing(s) a destination has to offer and explore (indulge in) it the best we can within our means. The things you would like to indulge on in a destination may but don't have to be the same as everyone else's. In the process of planning, we try to think about what we expect from a specific country or a place we plan to visit. We think about the things we wouldn't like to miss. It is usually the idea that this place represents in our minds, our preconceptions. For example, in Ireland this stood for castles and nature, so we planned our trip around that, in Italy we indulged on food, and Norway couldn't be imagined without cruising through some fjords.


Jasmina and Jura
Jasmina and Jura

If you are on the same wavelength, feel free to explore our Blog. You'll find bits and pieces of our experiences that we hope will give you inspiration and advice. Also, don't forget to look for that special something that will make the trip unique and extraordinary for yourself.