Travel in winter

Besides being much cheaper, travelling to Morocco in winter will bring about many other benefits. There will still be many visitors to touristy places but a great deal less than in other parts of the year. Winter is also great because there should be no sandstorms in Sahara before March. A downside of travelling in winter is the fact that (even though the day temperatures are pleasant) the nights tend to get really cold and Moroccans don't have such good heating devices.

Drink mint tea

Sometimes you'll get it served without even ordering it. Don't miss sipping a few cups during your stay because it's both cheap and a big consistent part of their culture.

Don't drink alcoholic beverages

On the other hand, alcohol is frowned upon and cannot even be found in most establishments. It's pretty expensive due to this fact so save some money and just give up on it while you're there.

Find your own way

Asking for directions in the streets of Marrakech will usually cost you money. And don't tell anyone where you're going. We unintentionally revealed the name of our riad to a passerby and ended up being guided to it without even asking for directions. Come prepared or, if you really don't know your way, ask the sellers at the stalls.

Be prepared

Do your homework and read about possible scams you might come across. Learn how to recognise and avoid them.

Bargain for souvenirs

There is no shopping in Marrakech without bargaining. You'll usually end up paying half or even less of the initial price after taking part in this ritual.

DIY Sahara experience

We were so glad we chose to go to Sahara on our own instead of with a guided tour. We got to choose and save on our accommodation as well as places to eat and buy groceries at. We ended up staying for 3 nights and paying a similar price we would for the 2-night-tour.


Stay in a riad

Riads are traditional Moroccan houses. While the outside walls are usually plain and windowless, you will find rich and colourful courtyards on the inside.  Whether you enjoy your breakfast on the roof terrace or laze around next to a pool downstairs - staying in a riad will be a tremendous contribution to your Moroccan experience.

Visit Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech

It took 40 years for this botanical garden to be created. Walking around it will take much less but take your time while you're there.  Enjoy the shade of tall palm and orange trees, explore the bamboo labyrinths and marvel at the huge cactuses.

Buy a lantern

...or a scarf, or an ottoman, or whatever. The vibrant souks in the medina of Marrakech are not to be missed. You will be bombarded with colours, smells, sounds and chaos all around you. You might get lost, baffled or uneasy at times but hey, it's all part of the experience.

Visit Essaouira

This town on the Atlantic coast is much more peaceful than Marrakech. Enjoy a walk along the long sandy beach or around the wide and narrow medina streets. Take some photos of the ramparts with seagulls flying around. Find a small cafe in the street and take in the vibe.

Spend a night in Sahara

Orange sand, camels, sunset above sand dunes and Berber tents - this adventure was the highlight of our week in Morocco.

Rent a car for the Sahara trip

If you have enough time, definitely go for this option. It will allow you to stop wherever you want along the way - be it to take stunning photos of the gorgeous scenery, have a coffee in one of the shabby towns along the route, or spend a night in an interesting place the tours usually neglect.

Listen to Berber drummers

You can move to the rhythm of Berber drums if, come evening, you find yourself on the Jemaa el-Fnaa square in Marrakech. Another, more intimate way to enjoy their music is among the dunes in Sahara.

Enjoy natural wonders

North African scenery with its colours, shapes and (lack of) vegetation is so much different from what we were used to. You can pay a visit to the Atlas mountain, Dadès Gorges and Todgha Gorges, to name some of the options on your way to Sahara.

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