Stay in Karterados

This is a village at a walking distance to Fira. You won’t get to enjoy your breakfast with a mesmerizing view on Caldera but you will save significantly on the price of your accommodation.

Go off season

This will also make a big difference when it comes to the price of your accommodation. Not only is it more affordable but there are also more options to choose from. Santorini is packed in Summer which makes it hard to find a place to stay provided you haven’t booked well in advance.

Use local buses

From the bus station in Fira, they will take you almost everywhere. And the price is reasonable (€1,80 Fira-Oia).

Fira - Oia hike

Embark on this scenic walk as an alternative to driving. You'll discover beautiful vistas, interesting rock and cliff formations and excellent photo opportunities. It took us 6 hours with numerous photo stops and a picnic break along the way.

Buy bottled water and take it everywhere

It isn’t safe to drink tap water so hit the nearest supermarket and stock up on bottled water. Always have enough of it with you because it can get really hot in Greece and you don't want to have to stop in a cafe every 30 minutes and spend all your money on their expensive refreshments (e.g. €7,50 for a beer in Oia).

Gyros on the go

Famous gyros can also be nibbled on in numerous fast food establishments all around Fira. You can also get souvlaki and many other goodies.


Wine tasting

Don't leave Santorini without a visit to one of their wineries. There are numerous options you can choose from in Santowines, the most well known and biggest one. The 6 wine flight was perfect for us!

Oia sunset

A must in Oia is their famous sunset. The experience itself isn't as glamorous or romantic as you would imagine since the spot where you can get the best view from is PACKED at that time of day but you do get a nice photo.

Rent a car for two days

This was just enough for us to visit and explore some places that we didn't reach on foot or by bus, like the Faros Lighthouse or the Red Beach.

Walk on a volcano

There are different cruises you can take from the Athinios port (Fira) and some of them also take you to the active volcano island. You won't see lava but check out some interesting vegetation and rock formations. Be sure to take enough water with you - there is almost no shade!

Marvel at the scenery

Having expected the typical images of white and blue houses that we were used to seeing online, we were pleasantly surprised by how much more Santorini has to offer in terms of natural beauties. Cliffs, volcanic rocks, red and black beach, caldera - so much variety on such a small island!

Pyrgos on Good Friday

Try to plan your stay around Greek Easter holidays, specifically Good Friday. Go to Pyrgos on that day and have one of those once in a lifetime experiences: witness the town going ablaze in the evening - literally!

Dinner with a view

Choose a restaurant in Fira that overlooks caldera and have dinner there. The colours of sky at sunset will ensure an enchanting atmosphere.